Achievement 1 will be hit when 40MM data points are written on a single chain on any 7 consecutive days

Bringing previously unavailable, Wall Street level data sophistication to the DeFi ecosystem

Umbrella Network’s Token Bridge will support the bidirectional movement of $UMB tokens across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Umbrella Network Token Bridge is now LIVE

We’re proud to present to you a snapshot of the month that just went by. This is Umbrella Network’s zeitgeist for the month of September.

Umbrella Network Monthly Recap: September Edition

Umbrella Network Announcements

Umbrella Network’s Ethereum Mainnet Launch [01/10/21]

Armor Finance to source data for their innovative Shield Vaults from Umbrella Network’s decentralized oracles

Umbrella Network is proud to announce that our decentralized oracles are now live on Ethereum Mainnet!

Umbrella Network‘s proposal to acquire Lucidity was put forth to the Community Council and was unanimously approved

Umbrella Network’s Head of Marketing, John Chen, was recently invited for an AMA by Kyros Ventures to answer questions from the community.

Umbrella Network AMA w/ Kyros Ventures

Umbrella Network’s Founding Partner, Sam Kim, and Head of Marketing, John Chen, recently held an internal AMA in the main Umbrella Network Telegram channel to answer questions from the community.

Internal AMA w/ Sam Kim and John Chen

Umbrella Marketing Team

Sends Out official updates and news from Umbrella Network

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